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About us

  About us?...That's a bit of a stretch. But since this endeavour would have never began if it wasn't for Wolf, claiming it to be a joint venture might not be all that misleading

   I must admit i haven't treated my friend fairly over the past 3 years. Before abandoning him back in November of 2016 I made an attempt to explain to him the reasons behind my departure. Apparently phrases such as "financial instability" and "economic turmoil" are far beyond any dogs comprehension.
  A flight back home to Greece was swiftly booked as soon as I was informed of my restaurant's impending closure, knowing that the airports where soon to follow. I slid the key in to the lock,and although I derived no comfort from the two backpacks which where strapped across my back, I smiled knowing that on the other side a tail was wagging furiously. 
  Being there for him in his golden years was the responsible thing to do, and i am now glad he rushed towards the sprinklers the second he felt unsupervised. The sight of spraying water does a wonderful job bringing out his youthful side, causing me to end up with a dog that was in no state to set foot inside our squeaky clean flat.
  The product that greeted me as soon as i swung open the cupboard door was a shade of blue so bright it closely resembled the liquid all-purpose cleaner i had used to mop the floors with earlier that day.
  At that moment i saw myself as part of an ever-expanding number of people that view their pets as their loving companions, striving to provide them with the best during their short benevolent lives.
 And as i shook my head, sending the plastic bottle straight in the bin, i had a vision of  a pet shampoo so good it would be more at place on a bathroom sink than in a cupboard's dusty shelves. 
  Nothing has come easy. From the custom made formulations and the search for the ideal UK based manufacturer, to realising the necessity of social media platforms.
  The only thing that keeps me going, apart from being childishly stubborn, is the privilege of guiding  you through mud and grey.
Thank you for making us a part of your lives.
Chris and Wolf
me and wolf trying to lookour best :-)