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The Paw Balm

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This is a tin of pure magic: a wondrous concoction of soothing and moisturizing goodness, beautifully blended to nourish dry, cracked paws. Whether your pup spends it's days traversing through the hard tarmac or zooming up mountains and hills, just a dot of this amazing balm will leave them soft, hydrated and nourished. As with all AureumVitae products, a quick browse through the ingredient list will make you wonder if you can use it too. Of course you can. Just make sure Fido doesn't notice :-)

  • Made with a lovely collection of 100% natural ingredients
  • Soothes and nourishes 
  • Perfect for use on cracked, dry paws
  • This little tin goes a long long way
  • Will leave your puppers paws feeling moisturized, not greasy
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Lick safe
  • No parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances
  • Lovely citrusy scent
  • Aluminum tin is 100% recyclable
  • Cruelty free
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Made in the U.K.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - It has exceptional moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating properties. Its high vitamin content makes it an ideal product to protect (especially in colder seasons) and nourish even the most sensitive skins.

Almond Oil - Rich in vItamin D and vitamin E (Tocopherol) and various minerals that help sooth the skin from irritation, protect from UV radiation damage and restore the skin's moisture barrier

Beeswax - Not only is it a humectant, meaning that it has the ability of attracting water, but it will also create a nourishing protective layer on to your pupper's skin

Shea Butter - It's high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, combined with it's anti-inflammatory and healing properties, make it an ideal ingredient for soothing and nourishing your pupper's skin.

Cocoa Butter - It's high in fatty acids, which gives it the ability to hydrate, nourish and improve the skin's elasticity, while also forming a barrier over the skin that holds in the moisture.

Vitamin E - It's a wonderful antioxidant that nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while also protecting it from harmful free radicals such as pollution and UV lIght.

Calendula Oil - It hydrates the dry skin by locking in the moisture and, due to it's anti-septic and anti-inflammatory activity, it helps heal the skin from minor burns and injuries.

Using the tip of your finger, take a tiny bit of the balm and work it genty on to your pupper's paws until you have created a nice even coating.

Safe and effective on all types of skin.

Soothes and nourishes cracked dry paws

Made by 100% natural ingredients

Cruelty free and completely free of nasties

The tin is made out of aluminum and it is 100% recyclable

Made in the U.K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scoop some with your fingers and gently rub it on your puppers paws. A little goes a long way so make sure to scoop little by little.

No need to worry. The Balm's formulation is 100% lick safe.

As with all Aureum Vitae products, The Balm was created to rival it's human oriented counterparts. All-natural, cruelty free and based on extra-virgin olive oil, it's a product that would look right at home on your bathroom sink.

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