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Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, water, lye

Essential oils: Citronella, rosemary, sage, lavender

The palm oil is approved by the round-table for sustainable palm oil (RSPO)

To use, scrub the bar on a coat that's thoroughly wet. Your pupper will get nice and frothy but, as this product contains no foaming agents, do not expect to lose your dog inside a bubbly cloud.

As soon as you've got a nice lather going on, put the bar aside and start massaging those wonderful ingredients in to your puppers coat!

Then rinse and dry.

As soon as you are done give the bar a wash to get rid of all the hairs and then store somewhere dry. Remember to keep it away from children.

 Those lovely essential oils are there to offer a natural anti-parasitic effect, while also enhancing any other anti-parasitic measures. They also smell pretty neat :-)

This really is one gentle bar of shampoo, so do not be surprised if you witness your pupper's coat all nourished and fluffed up.

 From the very first day this shampoo bar enters your home your pooches will be keeping an eye on you every time you even think about taking a shower. So you better be cautious! Unless, of course, you wish to discover a steaming, stinky surprise inside your brand new timberland boots! 


 Citronella Citronella is the most common insect repellent. It has a strong aroma and it works wonderfully against mosquitos, flies and fleas.

  Lavender it is thought to be effective against fleas and ticks.

  Rosemary & Sage is considered to be effective against gnats.

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