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What the hell Australia?

  Was something like that really necessary? You might be surprised to hear this but all you could have simply done is contacted the potential owners and informed them of the change in covid travel regulations.

  How evil can one be to even consider taking a gun to helpless, innocent shelter animals, simply because you do not wish for people to travel and potentially spread the virus.

  Before going on a killing a spree did you perhaps consider hiring an air-conditioned, transportation van and deliver the poor dogs yourselves? Or did you perhaps experiment with the very simple yet effective method of putting a freaking banner on your website alerting people that, due to covid, you will not be accepting visitors from other towns?

  I found it terribly amusing when I read a comment the spokesman made, declaring that officials where investigating whether any animal cruelty laws had been broken. Fifteen dogs where shot in the head as a method of covid prevention, ten of which where pups that had just recently been born.

  No anesthesia, no humanity, no need for a chemically induced coma before taking their lives. No time for that sort of thing. A gun was all that was needed that day.

  ‘’We are deeply distressed and completely appalled by this callous dog shooting and totally reject the councils unacceptable justifications that this killing was apparently undertaken as part of a covid-safe plan’” said Lysa Ryan, regional campaign manager for Animal Liberation.

  The accumulation of recent events taking place in Australia over the past months makes me feel as if the country has gone full circle and back again to become a prison colony once more, and that, I think, is rather poetic.

  It makes me wonder, isn’t there a procedure for that kind of situation? Who knows. Perhaps that was it. All I know is that they will never dare to release the identity of the person that carried out this gruesome act and, that alone, is a testament to the unspeakable levels of hell that will forever haunt that shelter.

  Knowing the world and how greatly affectionate it has become towards dogs this recent years, it really would not surprise me if that scumbag surpassed the Taliban’s notoriety and earned the spot as the most universally despised person across the globe.

  There was this BBC documentary that managed to grant it’s presenter with such a level of infamy that both his professional and private life where forever tarnished. It revolved around the exploration of Africa’s last remaining cannibalistic tribes and, as you can imagine, the guy ended up getting carried away.

  They where all sitting in a circle and when one of the flesh-eating, filthy looking shamans offered him a piece of human meat he made the catastrophically foolish mistake of consuming it.

That was the end of him. He was forever stained and rightfully so.

  That is the situation with the sick person that shot up a shelter full of innocent defenseless dogs, the majority of which where puppies that had just recently been brought in to the world.

  Would you want him as a friend? A colleague? A husband? Would you want to voluntarily connect with him on a personal level knowing full well of the monstrous, macabre act that he has committed?

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