The problem that i am currently facing is rather annoying.... As probe – Aureum Vitae

The problem that i am currently facing is rather annoying.... As probems tend to be.

  No this couldn’t be any worse. It’s boring, It’s dull and it’s painstakingly slow. The thought of Amazon gobbling up my profits doesn’t exactly lift my spirits either. So what is there to do. I’ve always had a hard time laying down my know... the way grown ups tend to do before making life-changing decisions. Just go with the flow Chris. Yeah, for sure. Let’s just see where that “flow” takes me. Bankruptcy is always on the table.

  At least there is something unique going on in my life. How many of you would actually be willing to pay 10-12 pounds for a dog shampoo? Well that is the price i will have to charge if i choose to side 100% with Amazon. Their FBA system is no joke when it comes to additional costs. Jeff is such a little wiz when it comes to making money...who would have thought.

  So ... ”placing my cards on the table”... the option of abandoning a project that i have devoted nearly a year of my life on goes straight out of the window. Nuh uh. Not gonna happen. No way. What about the option of charging a shit ton of money for something as basic as a shampoo and a moisturiser? Am i willing to discard that path with equal eagerness? Well damn.

  You know...the initial plan was the following:

1) Stay in Greece and take care of my aging pupper

2) Give my recipes to a private label manufacturer which would be located in the UK

3) Send my stuff to the Amazon FBA warehouses so that they can deal with the distribution

4) Profit!

  ...But with prices so high i am not really doing myself any favours. The cool thing about my whole endeavour is that i would be offering something relatively unique at a reasonable price and, as far as risk goes, making a fancy extra virgin olive oil pet haircare line was the safest it was going to get.

  Until Long John Jeff came along and started sprinkling his hidden fees just about everywhere he could.

  I would love a more hands on approach, as not only would it dramatically lower the final price of my products, but it would also mean that i would have to move back to the UK.That’s something that was going to happen either way.

  Flying back to Edinburgh was always part of the plan. I am deeply in love with that city and i wish to spend the rest of my life there. But it was supposed to happen after Wolf had passed away. That’s the problem. I envisioned it as a multipurpose plan. Staying in Greece while also avoiding my country’s economic crisis and at the same time laying the groundwork of my return to the uk for when Wolf is no longer with me.

  But that’s not going to work and, i either come to terms with reality, or move forward with my initial plan and end up suffering a demoralising blow as soon as my products are finally on sale. Simple as that. But what about Wolf though?


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