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No one left behind...or not

Talk about going through hell.

  If given the option, I imagine that most of the dogs would rather be given the Australian treatment than be stranded in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime.

  When I first saw that pile of crates I knew that something was not right. Swarms of people manically trying to escape a country that was lost to the hands of stone age savages.

  It’s sad and unsettling to witness hardened U.S army soldiers chuck tidiness out of the window and embrace a ‘’take what you can and run’’ mentality. These people have served their country with nothing but dignity and honor and it’s so shameful for the U.S. government to allow their representatives to be humiliated and embarrassed in such a way by a bunch of back alley cretins.

  This fiasco has been immensely disillusioning to those that have been influenced by Hollywood’s inclination to idealize the conception process of the U.S. army’s tactical operations.

  A dimly lit room, an oval table and a bunch of badass middle-aged men in pristinely ironed uniforms, some chewing tobacco, others clenching thick Cuban cigars between their teeth and all of them infuriated at the possibility of Americans being abandoned in this horrid wasteland. Aviator sunglasses and handlebar mustaches are optional but preferred.

  … if only

  Who on earth abandons their main airport before the civilians have had the chance to evacuate? Taliban militants brandished their brand new weapons and fired warning shots towards a young American girl that was hurrying towards a plane, bullets spraying and dancing across her feet, lodging themselves deep in to the scorching tarmac. There would be no salvation for her that day.

  It’s so unbearably arrogant to expect an apology from Pen Farthing. I do not condone the use of ‘’colourful’’ language and perhaps under other circumstances he could’ve phrased his request differently, but when you hear gunshots and battle cries echoing in the distance you really have no time to sugar coat things up.

  If the Hollywood execs get their pockets lined with government funding with the intention of producing a movie that provides us with an interesting, unexpected and fictional take on why this evacuation was such a disgrace, I would actually consider viewing it.

  I say ‘’actually’’ because under normal circumstances I would have zero interest for historical fiction that is intentionally biased and misleading but, as long as they include Pen Farthing’s damning phone call, I believe it would make an interesting watch.

  The environmental contrast between those two men can be quite powerful if portrayed in real time side by side. Pen is in a hangar and all hell has broken loose around him, Peter is in a comfortable air-conditioned office listening to some pretentious music such as Liszt or Bach. Pen is surrounded by a sea of crates that are yelping in distress, Peter is fidgeting his Parker ballpoint pen while staring aimlessly at the ceiling.

  Of course this would be nothing more than a comedic exaggeration but, given that the film will ultimately be one big propaganda project which will have little to no regard for historic accuracy, you can never rule out the possibility of such a scene actually being included in the final product.

  But in the end, what really matters, is that Operation Ark was a success and on Sunday the 5th of September a cargo plane carrying 69 people, 90 dogs and 70 cats arrived safely at Heathrow airport.

  All thanks to his quick wit and his fierce attitude.

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