About not forcing keywords in to my blogs, the masks, and a Matt Damon – Aureum Vitae

About not forcing keywords in to my blogs, the masks, and a Matt Damon movie

  I just searched for ways to grow my website's publicity and, according to all of those internet gurus that managed to find themselves on Google’s first page search result, creating a blog is up there on the top 3. Right under “run Facebook and Instagram ads” and “post frequently on your social media pages”.

  Also, according to them, not only should i be posting on a weekly basis but i also need to make sure that my content is structured in a fashion which would allow for those special, “Aureum Vitae” keywords” to be sprinkled throughout my narrative.

  Sorry friendo. No can do. It’s boring, it’s tedious and after a month or two i will just give up.

  What i can do is create a blog. No going out of my way just for the sake of including words such as “olive oil” and “cocoa butter”, no copying and pasting random research articles off of the web and no stressing over the blog posts word count. Hard to be consistent when you are not having a good time.

  Speaking about a good time, the 10 days that i am required to home quarantine have come to a close and those 2 test kits which where supposed to be delivered to my Edinburgh address for me to use on the second and eighth day are nowhere to be found. I think it’s time i called them up and asked for a for a 200 pound refund. Not that going out in public untested is the right thing to do and i would rather have a test on day 20 than not have one at all but...you know what i mean. When a service is not provided then a refund request is always a logical conclusion.

  There is also this thing about the masks that has been on my mind recently. We all agree that they are important. The holy trinity....right?... Social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands. So, since they are so vital in stopping the spread of the virus, why aren’t they being handed out? I am not talking about the 10 pound Under Armour mask, or about the Avenger’s themed masks the children tend to wear. But those single use masks cost practically nothing. Wouldn’t it make sense if, next to the anti-septic gel, there was a stack of them at the entrance of every shopping mall?

  Oh well... enough of that COVID business.
   If you are reading this then the store has finally opened it’s virtual doors...Yay!
   It has been a unique and exciting journey and i feel ever so thankful for everyone along the way that helped shape my ideas in to something tangible and real. Now i need to see it through and, i am not going to lie, this is the hardest part. After a year of putting my heart and soul in to this project a part of me feels that i am the worthy recipient of instant fame and admiration. Which of course isn’t true.
   Have you seen that film starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson called “We Bought a Zoo”? It’s not what you’d call a blockbuster but, as far as light-hearted family films go, i’d say it’s definitely worth your time.
   It is about a man, recently widowed and father of two children, that shows a profound interest in buying a countryside home, only to have the estate agent explain to him that
   “If you are to buy this house then, according to the contract, you are also the owner of the neighbouring zoo. You cannot have one without the other”
   He ends up agreeing and, as the zoo was significantly understaffed and in dire need of up keeping, he swiftly begins preparations for the upcoming health inspection.
   The climax of the movie is the zoo’s opening day. The sun was shining, the uniforms where freshly ironed and there was not a soul in sight, causing every single one of the zoo employees to look visibly disappointed. All except the protagonist’s son who, suspecting that something is wrong, rushed towards the driveway. He was right. A huge tree had been toppled over during last nights downpour, blocking the entrance to the zoo and, to everyone’s joy and satisfaction, a massive crowd of people was patiently waiting on the other side.
   Scarlett kisses Matt (the former playing the role of a zoo employee). Everyone’s happy. The end
   Sorry if i have spoiled it for you. There is more to it and it is definitely worth watching. I just wanted to bring it up because as simplistic as the narrative might be (some would even go as far as to call it formulaic) it’s a good reminder that persistence, determination and hard work will always be rewarded.

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